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    "Indoor percussion marries elements of music performance, marching, and theater; thus, the activity is often referred to as percussion theater." 

    - wgi.org


    The PTHS Indoor percussion program is returning for another year! Last year was our first season in PTHS history, and we're absolutely thrilled with how successful our students were. This year, we're hoping to continue training our percussionists and push them farther as musicians and leaders.

     Indoor percussion is a competitive team activity. Competitions take place throughout the tri-state area, and transportation is provided for members to each event. In indoor percussion, there are two main components: Battery and Front Ensemble. In some cases, depending on the show, there may also be a visual ensemble. The visual ensemble is the part of the group who solely add dance and, in some cases, equipment to the show for visual effect. The battery makes up the marching musicians, playing instruments such as tenors, snares, basses, and cymbals. The front ensemble plays instruments that cannot be marched such as marimbas, vibraphones, timpani, and others. Regardless of what section you join, it will require dedication and practice, but the alumni and veteran members will tell you that the hard work pays off!

    The season begins in November, where there will be several clinics that are mandatory for new members and suggested for veteran members. These clinics will teach the basics of each instrument and allow students to explore their options while learning basic technique and audition materials. The auditions are used to determine placement within the ensemble. The competition season begins in late January, thus all rehearsals before the first performance are absolutely critical.