STEM Academy

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

    Mission Statement

    Boy at ComputerIt is the expressed mission of the Pemberton Township High School STEM Academy to provide motivated students with a specialized, yet comprehensive high school education that meets or exceeds the New Jersey Core Curriculum Standards as it prepares students for success in STEM-related career fields. A full range of STEM opportunities will be explored as students pursue the wide variety of coursework provided by the program.

    The program includes summer enrichment programs, design experiences, mentoring, job shadowing, work study opportunities, and opportunities for volunteer experiences in addition to career-related coursework and the opportunity to earn college credits while still in high school. The program will create multiple career pathways that will enable students to develop the skills and knowledge base needed to successfully transition from high school to college and a career in the sciences and engineering fields. The program accomplishes this by providing coursework and experiences that prepare students for early career exploration and preparation for the full range of STEM career opportunities.

    Philosophy and Goals

    Students in the STEM academy are encouraged to progress at their own pace, exploring, investigating, and taking responsibility for their learning. As they begin to recognize their area of interest and skills, staff members provide full support for their endeavors, enabling them to achieve and excel.

    Providing Hands-On Experience and Projects

    The emphasis throughout the STEM program is on giving students hands on experience and allowing them to learn through doing. During the junior and senior years, the course sequence provides flexibility for students to take additional science, technology, engineering, or mathematics courses that suit their individual interests.Girl with robot

    Key Highlights of the STEM Course Sequence Include:

    • Science – Physics, Chemistry, Biology (all honors), AP Physics and/or AP STEM Science Electives
    • Technology – Visual Basics Honors, Java I, AP Computer Science and/or AP STEM Electives
    • Mathematics – Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, (all honors), AP Calculus and/or AP STEM Math Electives
    • Engineering – Engineering I, II, III & IV (Senior Project/Internship) Each engineering honors level course is a hands-on, project-based experience where students develop working projects of increasing complexity involving several fields of science and technology. Access is provided to a broad range of the latest software tools and technologies. As students progress, projects are geared to each student’s areas of interest.

    By junior and senior year, students are encouraged to focus on two main areas of interest and choose their courses accordingly. During senior year, if selected, students will use their excellent foundation to participate in an internship or senior project of his or her choice.

    Girl in PhysicsPreparing for the Future
    Students in the STEM Academy will learn software tools and have access to technology that the professionals use, including:

    • Web-based Design Collaboration (Discussions Forums, Google Docs, LiquidPlanner)
    • Software Tools (Autodesk Inventor, 123D Design, Arduino IDE, Eclipse IDE, Xmind)
    • Electronic Circuit Design, Programming Embedded Systems (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, Propeller)
    • Cost Benefit Trade-off Analysis Skills, Perform Technology Area Market Surveys
    • Engineering Design Review Process Skills, Communication/Presentation Skills

    For more information on the
    STEM Academy, please contact the PTHS Counseling Center at 609-893-8141, ext. 1088.