• Library Media Center Policies

    The following is a list of policies and guidelines that students must follow when present in the Library Media Center (LMC): 

    1. Reservations for the Library Media Center for lunch and/or study hall can be made by joining the LMC Google Classroom (code 36alby6) and filling out the form on the Google Site page . The forms open at 7:00 am, and close at 9:45 am.
    2. Only students that have reservations may enter the Library Media Center during Lunch and Study Hall periods.
    3. We have two options in the LMC:
      1. The NO talking side for quiet reading, studying and test make up. On the left side as you enter the Library Media Center
      2. The quietly talking side for groups, no larger than 4 to study, or quietly interact with their friends. On the right side as you enter the Library Media Center.
    4. Students are permitted to check-out a maximum of 3 books at a time. They may borrow the books for a 2-week loan period. Students who do not return or renew their books will receive an overdue notice and be placed on the Obligation List.
    5. Eating and drinking of snacks are allowed in the Library Media Center BUT YOU are responsible for cleaning up after yourself, which includes cleaning off your tables with the available wipes and spray cleaner. If you choose to bring up your lunch from the cafeteria, it must be done prior to entering the Library Media Center AND it must be on a disposable tray. We will not issue passes to the cafeteria.
    6. Students must record where they sit during lunch periods, by using the link in the Google Classroom called "record your seat" If you do not record your seat, you can be asked to leave.
    7. Passes to the lavatory are issues one at time. If you need to see your guidance counselor, please scan the QR code on the circulation desk to ask for an appointment..
    8. All school rules must be followed while using the Library Media Center, including keeping masks on when you are not eating.  Failure to use acceptable behavior will result in disciplinary action as well as dismissal from the Library Media Center. Students are expected to conduct themselves in a manner befitting young adults.
    9. Before leaving the Library Media Center students should return all materials to the proper locations, push in any chairs they have been using, clean up any and all papers in use while in the Library Media Center and check out any materials that are required to continue your research at the circulation desk.