• Media Center Policies

    The following is a list of policies and guidelines that students must follow when present in the Media Center: 

    1. Passes for the Media Center for lunch and/or study hall are issued before homeroom by Mrs. Carvin.
    2. All passes must be signed with the full name of the student.
    3. Students are permitted to check-out a maximum of 3 books at a time. They may borrow the books for a 2-week loan period. Students who do not return or renew their books will receive an overdue notice and be placed on the Obligation List.
    4. Eating and drinking of snacks are allowed only in the tile area of the media center. You are responsible for cleaning up after yourself.
    5. There is no eating or drinking near the computers.
    6. Inappropriate activities while using the computer will be dealt with in accordance with the acceptable use policy which was signed in order to gain access to the computers. In addition, students are not permitted to alter the physical make-up of the computers. If there is a problem, students should alert the media specialist or the teacher on duty and they will contact computer support..
    7. While in the Media Center students will conduct themselves accordingly and in a manner befitting of a young adult. Failure to conduct acceptable behavior will result in disciplinary action as well as dismissal from the Media Center.
    8. Before leaving the Media Center students should return all materials to the proper locations, push in any chairs they have been using, clean up any and all papers in use while in the Media Center and check out any materials that are required to continue research outside of the Media Center at the circulation desk.