• Comprehensive Science: 5 Credits (Level 2)

    This course is designed to fulfill the first year science requirement for college bound students. This course provides a foundation of biology and chemistry to include the fundamentals of biochemistry, ecology and evolution based on the end of course state standardized biology exam. This course serves as a basis for further study in biology and chemistry related advanced college preparatory courses. This course also includes an introduction to the science laboratory.


    All materials will be posted on Google Classroom 

    The student will demonstrate a working knowledge of:

    • Science Skills (Ch. 1)
      • Scientific Method, tools, safety rules.
    • Biochemistry (Ch. 2)
      • Nature of matter, properties of water, Carbon compounds, chemical reactions and enzymes.
    • Ecology (Ch. 3, 4, 5, 6)
      • Biosphere, ecosystems, populations, human impact on biosphere.
    • Cell Structure and Function (Ch. 7)
      • Cell structure, function, transport and homeostasis.
    • Photosynthesis (Ch. 8)
      • Energy and live, the process of photosynthesis.
    • Cell Growth and Division (Ch. 10)
      • Plant and animal cells, mitosis, cell division, cycle regulation.


    What will I need to be successful in this class?

    • A three-ring with Tabs (4)-  Notes and Handouts, Labs/Projects/Webquests, Quizzes/Tests, Misc.
    • Plenty of loose-leaf paper and writing utensils.


    How will I be graded?

    • Tests– 40%
      • At the end of each chapter
    • Quizzes – 20%
      • Every couple of weeks, small amount of info
    • Labs/Projects– 25%
      • 1-2 per chapter
    • Homework/ Classwork– 15%
      • At least 3 times a week


    Late Work

    • 25% will be taken off for each day it is late. After 3 days you CANNOT hand it in.


    Make-Up Tests Requirements

    • Must go to ONE tutoring session afterschool, complete the chapter review in the book, and Ch. Test Review handout must be complete.
    • Test MUST be made up no later then one week after it is handed back.


    After an absence:

    • All PowerPoint Notes will be on my teacher website!
    • See me before or after class for missed assignments
      • Extra copies will also be in a binder at the front of the room.
      • You will have as many days as you were absent to make up work.


    Extra Credit

    • • Earn Pinto Science Bucks and cash them in for Extra Credit on assignments, homework or quiz passes, extensions on work or extra points on quizzes or tests!
      • Look at the bulletin board in the front of the class for all of the ways you can earn and spend your Pinto Science Bucks.

      Earn Pinto Science Bucks by:
      • Help a Classmate- $3
      • Help Miss Pinto- $3
      • Passback papers- $1
      • Turn-in an assignment early- $3
      • Wear White and Green on Friday- $5
      • Go to tutoring- $15
      • Get an A on a Test- $5
      • Get a B on a Test- $3
      • Win a Review game- $5-$10
      • Read a science article and complete a summary sheet- $10
      • Random Acts of Kindness- $5


    Use Pinto Science Bucks for:
    • Improve quiz grade- $2=1 pts.
    • Improve test grade- $5=1 pts.
    • 1 day extension on a HW- $10
    • 1 day extension on a project- $50
    • Homework Pass- $30
    • Quiz Pass- $50


    Tablet Rules

    • You must have it EVERYDAY.
    • It must always be CHARGED!
      • Having it charged and with you will add up to a quiz grade.


    Classroom Rules

    1. Be in your assigned seat, have your materials out and be working on the assigned “Do Now” when the tardy bell rings.
      • Remain in your seat at all times unless you have permission otherwise.
    2. Bring notebook and materials with you to class
      • Unless it is an emergency, no passes will be given to leave class while the teacher is in the middle of a lesson.
    3. You must always raise your hand before speaking- yelling out causes distraction.
    4. Follow directions the first time they are given.
      • You must be on task at all times during class.
    5. No hats, iPods, cell phones, electronics of any kind AND no food or drinks are allowed in class (exception: water).


    *Always treat each person in this room with respect and dignity*

    *Follow all policies and procedures as outlined in the school handbook*



    1. Warning
    2. 2nd warning OR Seat will be moved.
    3. Parental contact, and lunch detention.
    4. Parental contact, and TWO lunch detentions.
    5. Disciplinary referral.