Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Michelle Walker

The Community Parent Involvement Specialist (CPIS) enhances and supports family involvement in the preschool program. Through workshops, support groups and family activities, the CPIS strives to make each family’s preschool experience a positive and rewarding one. There is a need to convey to the community the importance of high quality preschool as the foundation of lifelong learning. I am inviting you to be a family volunteer and spread awareness about our wonderful program.

The CPIS addresses parental concerns by collaborating with staff, finding out facts, leading informative meetings and implementing workshops. Founded by the CPIS, Our Military Families Group meets to discuss topics of concern to military families. Guest speakers are invited to provide information and updates for upcoming events. The CPIS chairs the Early Childhood Advisory Council, where both the school community and local community are involved in addressing the needs of the students and the program. The CPIS also chairs the Parent Involvement Committee. Parent/family activities are planned and implemented to enhance the school-home relationship. The CPIS facilitates the early enrollment of new registrants and assists in the preschool orientation workshops to help families and children get acquainted with their new school environment.