• Leaving PECEC and moving to Kindergarten

    Posted by Donovan Gardner on 6/1/2021

    The 2020-21 school year is drawing to a close.  Some of our students will be leaving PECEC and moving to Kindergarten.

    The following article, from the National Association for the Education of Young Children, gives some tips for helping children prepare for this transition.

    While the article addresses Kindergarten specifically, the suggestions mentioned are helpful for families of all young children.



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  • Enjoy your outdoor activities

    Posted by Donovan Gardner on 5/28/2021 8:00:00 AM

    With the warmer weather, our PECEC families will be involved with more outdoor activities.

    Please see the articles below to see some family-friendly tips on bicycle and swimming safety!

    Enjoy your outdoor activities, stay safe, and have fun!




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  • Benefits of Locally Grown Produce

    Posted by Donovan Gardner on 3/1/2021

    March begins the season where seeds and locally grown produce will start to be available in our part of the country.

    There are many benefits to serving locally grown produce to your family.

    Please see the attached article to learn about some of these benefits!

    Click link for more information https://www.superkidsnutrition.com/benefits-locally-grown-produce/

    Did you know that you can find locally grown produce nearby at the Pinelands Produce Farm Market?

    They also offer CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm Share Boxes.

    The Farm Market is located just .5 mile from PECEC.

    Please visit Facebook, Instagram or learn more about their offerings at https://pinelands-produce-farm-market.square.site/

    For even more information, PECEC’s community liaison Michelle Walker interviewed farm owner Diane Gabler.

    Please use the link below to enjoy this informative interview!


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  • Public Libraries

    Posted by Donovan Gardner on 1/5/2021

    Public libraries are very important to children and families, even during a pandemic.

     This month, we will spotlight the amazing resources available to PECEC families through the Burlington County Library System!  Even though some offerings have changed due to social distancing guidelines, the BCLS still has much to offer!

    First, meet our local children’s librarian, Theresa Preziosa, who can be reached at: tprezios@bcls.lib.nj.us

    In this clip, Theresa is interviewed by PECEC’s own community specialist, Michelle Walker.  In addition to talking about children’s programs, you’ll be interested to hear what Theresa has to say about  printing capabilities and free Wi-Fi access!

    Here is the interview, which can also be found on our school website:

    Wordless books are often recommended for young children as a way to increase imagination and vocabulary.  BCLS has the following wordless titles available:

    Our article of the month also recommends using wordless books with young children, and even includes a video clip of a family modeling how to use a wordless book together.

    You might even want to check out the BCLS Events Calendar, which  not only offers a live virtual story time for kids, but adult workshops on topics such as meditation, home-buying, and decluttering.  Additional events, including more children’s story times, will be added in February.

    Have fun reading together!! For more information, call the Pemberton Branch at 609-893-8262 or visit the website at https://www.bcls.lib.nj.us/pembertonHAPPY READING!

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  • Pinelands Family Success Center

    Posted by Donovan Gardner on 12/1/2020

    No matter what holiday is celebrated in your home, the holiday season can be stressful. But it can also be a time to strengthen your family ties. Here are some tips that you can use to make your own holiday season memorable and meaningful:


    One fantastic local resource for helping to strengthen family ties is the Pinelands Family Success Center!

    Our Pemberton Early Childhood Department has been working in partnership with this organization for years, and we are currently working together to plan our upcoming Grandparents’ Event.

    Keep an eye on our website and your class weekly newsletter for more details.

    The mission of the Pinelands Family Success Center is to build stronger families and communities by enriching the lives of children and adults through relationship focused and culturally responsive activities.

    To learn more about the Pinelands Family Success Center, you can go to their website:


    Attached please find their December calendar, filled with lots of FREE fun (and socially distant) activities, such as gingerbread house kits to make at home, Youtube holiday storytimes, and FREE gift wrap!

    Registration is sometimes necessary, but is FREE, available to everyone, and can be done online!


    For more information, call  609-261-5847 or email Jenn at  

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  • Developing Healthy Eating Habits

    Posted by Donovan Gardner on 11/2/2020

    Early Childhood is an important time to develop healthy eating habits.

    November’s Family Tips give ideas and resources regarding nutrition.

    Children need to move their bodies and eat healthy foods. Families can promote healthy habits by encouraging children to eat nutritious foods and get some exercise every day.

    Using the link below, please see some tips for healthy eating.

    Click Here for Website

    We are also pleased to announce that ALL students will be eligible for FREE breakfast and lunch this fall. Due to the national pandemic, the USDA has extended funding for this program through December 31, 2020.

     All meals will be distributed Monday through Friday at the following locations:

    Harker-Wylie:  9  am – 7 pm

    Busansky:  4 pm – 7 pm

    Meals will be available to pick up for all 7 days, however, hot meals will be available only on the day of pick up.

    Click here to view a video explaining details of the Free Meal Program

    Attached please find a flyer with information on the Burlington County Emergency Food Distribution which will take place on November 7.

    Click here Burlington County Emergency Food Distribution


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  • The Healing Powers of Play

    Posted by Donovan Gardner on 10/5/2020

    What can we do to help children who may be traumatized by Covid-19 happenings? Make time for unstructured play!

    The following article describes how unstructured, child-directed play can help your child during these unusual times


    Click here for more information

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  • Ready or Not Kindergarten, Here We Come!

    Posted by Donovan Gardner on 6/15/2020

    Ready or Not Kindergarten, Here We Come!

    While many of us focus on the basics of letter and number recognition or reading skills, kindergarten readiness encompasses more than a few isolated skills. We need to look at the whole child and all the skills and strengths each child has developed. That’s what makes them unique. This resource gives you some tips to help you prepare your child for Kindergarten.

    Click Here For More InformationClick Here For More Information

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  • Beyond the Golden Rule

    Posted by Donovan Gardner on 6/5/2020

    The preschool years mark your child’s first introduction to the characteristics that have long grouped and divided humans: race, ethnicity, gender and physical ability. During the preschool years, you have perhaps the greatest impact on your child’s perceptions and attitudes about difference than at any other time in her childhood. The manner in which you treat and discuss others based on similarity and difference — and the manner in which you respond to your child’s natural curiosity about these matters — provides the blueprint for her reactions to them. Biases that you and other adults convey, both positive and negative, tell her who is safe and who is dangerous, who is strong and who is weak, who is beautiful and who is ugly. These messages have the power to turn her “how” and “why” questions into judgment statements. Left unchecked, such judgments can become precursors to poor self-esteem and social interactions based on prejudice or bias. Fortunately, there are ways to discourage this. Here is a resource you may find helpful.


    Click here for more information

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  • Boredom can be a powerful incentive

    Posted by Donovan Gardner on 5/1/2020

    Boredom can be a powerful incentive. Along with quiet time, boredom will stimulate a child’s creativity. Imagination and creativity—ideas—arise from having time to think, to ponder and reflect, or just let the mind go. A child with time on his hands will make up games, create dramas to act out, build a fort, or discover the joy of reading.

    Click here for more information

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