Tuition Reimbursement

  • Pemberton Township Schools promotes professional development and educational improvement for employees. Many opportunities are supported through attendance at workshops and seminars, curriculum writing, study groups, and graduate courses.

    Tuition costs eligible for reimbursement are available to administrators, teachers and various support staff as indicated in their respective bargaining agreements. Interim employees do not qualify. Tuition reimbursement is limited to a maximum of two (2) courses per fiscal school year (July through June). Courses taken for which reimbursement is requested must be approved in advance of the course start date.

    A Coursework Approval form must be completed and submitted to Human Resources for approval. That form will be returned to you with the appropriate approval/denial.

    When the course(s) is completed, the following documents are required:1. An Official Transcript of grades sent directly to HR.2. Proof of payment showing courses and a zero balance.3. Per Credit Rate. (Only tuition is reimbursed, not additional fees or costs.)4. A completed voucher with signature. (Dollar amount to be filled in by Human Resources.)

    The deadline for submitting all required documents for Tuition Reimbursement payment is June 15 of the fiscal school year applied. Checks will be mailed to your home address during the summer months.

Contact Information

  • Jill Crum, 609-893-8141
    Ext. 1036

    Human Resources Fax:

Tuition Forms