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  • 1. All employees with benefits (enrolled or waived), should have already registered for BENEFITSOLVER. If you have already done this, you only need to do it once, and then the BENEFITSOLVER button will appear on your Member Benefits Online System (Pension page) portal. If you are in the DCRP, you may need to continue to save this portal to administer your benefits. Please be sure that your personal email is your primary email for this account.

    BENEFITSOLVER Registration Flyer

    2. All employees that are in the State Pensions Systems, TPAF or PERS, should be enrolled in MBOS. This is your Member Benefits Online System. Once you have registered with this, you should see the BENEFITSOLVER button on your MBOS account. Going forward, all your Pensions and Benefits information is in one place. Your MBOS account should also use your personal email, so as a retiree, you will still have access to your information.

    MBOS - Active Instructions (