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    You will want to register for MBOS (Member Benefits Online System) with the State of New Jersey. Employees should click here for the Instructions prior to visiting the site listed below. If you do not know your Member ID and need to obtain your Pension member number you will need to contact payroll at extension 1017 or 1040.

    PLEASE NOTE: Any eligible member who wishes to apply for retirement, MUST submit the application online using the Retirement Application accessible through a personal account with the Member Benefits Online System (MBOS).

    For information on the pension automated telephone system, Click Here

    If you are contemplating retirement, the following links will provide you with the needed information:
    For PERS members:

    For TPAF members:

    For those employees hired after July 1, 2007, please review the following link for retirement information changes: Public Employee Benefits Reform Act of 2008


    You must submit an original letter of intent to retire to the Director of Human Resources with an original signature. This letter must be received within the timeframes outlined in your applicable contract.


    Upon retirement from the District, with at least ten years of service (excluding periods of unpaid leaves) as certified by the Division of Pensions, the Board will pay the retiring employee retirement pay calculated at the rate stated in their contract for all unused sick days in Pemberton Township.

    Payments made under this provision will be made on July 15 immediately following the school year of retirement, provided the employee gave written notice of retirement on or before January 31 of that school year. In case of extenuating circumstances, the Board may approve exceptions to this notification date. Failure to provide such notice or to obtain an approved exception may result in delay in payment until the first day of the second subsequent fiscal year.

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