• District Goals 2023-2024


    District Goal #1:  Maintain a comprehensive and adaptive action plan to strengthen our scholars' social and emotional competencies.

    District Goal #2:  Maximize resources to maintain safe, secure and healthy learning environments, provide staff and students with necessary programming and materials to be successful, include assertive advocacy for fair funding and communicate on the financial status of the district.

    District Goal #3:  Ensure high academic standards while mitigating the impact of the Covid 19 Pandemic in reading, focusing on the value of every minute of school instruction matters.  The % of students reading at grade level (44.66%) on the 2023 Spring MAP Assessment will increase by 3.93% on the 2024 Spring MAP Assessment.  This is the rate needed for the district to reach the state target of 80% by 2032.

    District Goal #4:  As attendance is vital to the overall success of our scholars, action plans will be developed at each school to decrease the number of Chronically Absent students by 5% .