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April 2024 Open Enrollment Forms

  • Insurance Contacts:

     In order to make the best decision for you and your family, use these additional tools:

    1. Access state information on the SEHBP by clicking here. Scroll down to the Health Benefits Program Members on the left side of the webpage. This will open a new window and you'll see plenty of links to answer any questions you may have.

    2. To calculate your Estimated Benefits Contribution, click on the link below and be sure to have the following information available:

    NJEHP Chapter 44 Calculator 

    1)  Type in your salary (from your current contract) with no commas or spaces
    2)   From the chart, find your salary range and coverage level to see what your Percentage of the NJEHP Plan will be.
    3)  Calculate your estimated contribution

    4)   If you are 10 month employee, the amount you calculate will be your per pay contribution.  If you are 11-12 month employee, you will used the 24 Paycheck Contribution amount.

    For those of you that are on the NJ10/NJ15 plans, you will use this calculator:

    1. For Employee Type, select LOCAL EDUCATION
    2. For Coverage Type, select your appropriate level
    3. For Prescription Plan, select “Prescription Plan included with your SHBP Medical”
    4. For the annual base plan, enter the amount of your current contract
    5. Select Date of Hire
    6. Compare the cost of all plans (allow time to calculate.
    7. Select the plan you have and divide costs by either 20 pays or 24 pays based on whether you are a 10 month or 11/12 month employee.

    Need to find a doctor?

    Click on the following link to access the Horizon DoctorFinder:

    Amino is a free service through SEHBP that assists with finding doctors, scheduling appointments, and more. Click to sign up.

    Dental and Vision Plans:

              Horizon Dental Plans Summaries    Horizon Dental Enrollment Form

    •  Vision Service Plan: 1-800-877-7195 or via the web at

                  Vision Plan Information        Vision Enrollment Form

     Medical Waiver Program*

    If you do not enroll in benefits and have elected the waiver reimbursement, these payments are made on a semi-annual basis in December and July. You must enroll in the Medical Waiver Program in order to receive these payments.  
    Medical Waiver Form
    *Please note, if you are enrolled in SEHBP elsewhere, you are not eligible for the waiver.

Contact Information

  • Elizabeth Welsh, Benefits Coordinator
    Ext. 1020,

    To schedule an appointment, please email Elizabeth at the address above.

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