Good morning! Today is Friday, April 3rd and it is A Day, so we have Art. 


    We are going to continue reading clocks that show time to the half past hour.. 


    When a clock is showing half past an hour, the minute hand is touching the 6 on the bottom of the clock. But the hour hand has a special place to be. Remember when we learned about the hour hand, I said that the hour hand is pushed along by the minute hand, So when the minute hand is on the 6, it has gone half way around the clock. So the hour hand has to be half way between the hour it is currently and the next hour it will be.  I will explain in the video, 


    Math assignment:

    1.Please complete  pages 603-604 in your math book.

    2.Please complete a page in your countdown packet- Countdown 7 weeks.  This sheet focuses on money.

    3.Please use the formative assessment workpage and in box 14 please answer:  Please draw an analog clock and a digital clock that show the time 8:30.

    4.Complete 15 minutes on Fast Math and 17 minutes on Red Bird Math.




    Today we are going to work in the book, 68 Ways to Save the Planet.  You will finish the book and re-read pages 20-23.


    Today you are going to give me your opinion on whether this book was helpful or not though writing a book review. Think about your overall impression of 68 Ways to Save the Planet Before Bedtime.  Is it providing you with information you want or need? Is this book helpful? 


    In your writing tell why the book is helpful or not.  Make a list of reasons why the book was helpful or why it wasn’t.  Choose three reasons that support your opinion.


    My example is (I have underlined the parts that you can use in your writing):


    The book’s title is 68 Ways to Save the Planet Before Bedtime.  The author is Paul Mason.  I thought this book was helpful because it gave me ideas that I can share with my friends.  One of my reasons for liking the book is it gave me some really good tips on how I can get to school without hurting the environment.  I can walk to school, I can ride my bike or ask my parents to offer a friend a ride so we use less fuel.  My second reason is I like the idea of saving paper by writing on the back of sheets of paper instead of wasting paper. The last reason is I learned that I can buy second-hand stuff and trade toys.  I can’t wait to go to garage sales this summer.  In conclusion, I think anyone who is interested in saving the planet will find many helpful ideas in this book.




    I have assigned you two assignments on Freckle (class code med35s)- Invention of Basketball and Missy Copeland.

    Please complete 15 minutes on Red Bird Reading.




    Read for 20 minutes and answer one of the questions provided on the sheet labeled Independent Reading questions in your Writing Journal.  Please provide the title of the book in your writing.  I am looking forward to finding out what you are reading and what you think about those books!