• Good morning! Today is Friday, March 27th and it is B Day, so we have Gym/Health. 


    You all did an amazing job with our lessons on graphing.  Next week we are going to start one of my favorite chapters, telling time. 


    Today we are going to start with the Am I Ready lesson for Chapter 10 on pages 585-586.  These pages will give me a good idea of what we already know about time and skip counting.  Remember that we use skip counting in telling time- we use counting by 5.  On page 586 please write a sentence about a activity that you do during each part of the day. I can’t wait to see your answers.



    Math assignment:

    1.Please complete pages 585-586  in your math book.

    2.Please complete  page in your countdown packet- Countdown 11 weeks.  This sheet focuses on regrouping and addition.

    3.Please use the formative assessment workpage and in box 10 please answer:  Solve these problems.  604-186= and 272+498=

    4.Complete 15 minutes on Fasst Math and 17 minutes on Red Bird Math.




    Today we are going to work in the book, 68 Ways to Save the Planet.  You will reread pages 16-19.  


    Today you will be filling in the T-chart.  We will be asking and answering questions about pollution. As we have discussed in class, asking questions about a text can help you better understand the text.  As we read, we ask questions that we think we will be answered in the book. 


    On you t-chart, you are going to write the title- Asking about Pollution.  On the left side of the chart, you will head it questions.  On the right side, you will head it answers.  The first question I am going to ask is “Why does driving a car lead to global warming?”  Let’s look at the text on page 16, I see in the first paragraph they discuss how cars add to global warming.  I will take this information and copy it onto my chart.  I will write “car engines release carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas”. 


    The other two questions I would like for you to answer on the t-chart are:

    1. Why are bikes better than cars? I would look on page 16.
    2. Why should I roll up my windows while riding in a car? Look at page 17.


    Optional:  If you would like to challenge yourself, ask your own question and provide me the answer.   


    I have assigned you two assignments on Freckle (class code med35s).  You have two articles to read and answer questions about.


    Please complete 15 minutes on Red Bird Reading.




    We are going to be reviewing what we learned so far in 68 Ways to Save the Planet before Bedtime.  I would like for you to pick your favorite tip so far (tips 1-58) and tell my why it is your favorite.  If you have more than one favorite, you can write more. 


    Don’t forget an introductory sentence, supporting details and a closing sentence.


    Here is my example paragraph: 

    I believe that out of all the tips I have read so far in 68 Ways to Save the Planet before Bedtime, the most important tip is to ride a bike instead of in a car.  I believe this is so because cars put a lot of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  When we ride our bikes less carbon dioxide goes in the air and global warming is reduced.  Other tips in the book help us save the planet but I believe the most important tip in the book is to ride a bike.


    Read for 20 minutes and answer one of the questions provided on the sheet labeled Independent Reading questions in your Writing Journal.  Please provide the title of the book in your writing.  I am looking forward to finding out what you are reading and what you think about those books!