Good morning! Today is Monday, March 30th and it is C Day, so we have Library and Art.  I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I miss seeing your smiling faces!


    We are definitely ready for telling time!  You did a great job with Friday’s Am I Ready assignment. You are most definitely ready. 


    We are starting with Chapter Ten, Lesson one and will be completing the odd numbered problems.  My video will have a lesson that covers the Math in my World page. 


    You will complete the odd numbered questions on pages 594-598.  We will do the even problems on Tuesday. 




    Math assignment:

    1.Please complete the odd numbered problems on  pages 594-598 in your math book.

    2.Please complete a page in your countdown packet- Countdown 10 weeks.  This sheet focuses on comparing numbers and addition.

    3.Please use the formative assessment workpage and in box 11 please answer:  Where is the minute hand on an analog clock when it is 2:00, 9:00 or 4:00?

    4.Complete 15 minutes on Fasst Math and 17 minutes on Red Bird Math.




    Today we are going to work in the book, 68 Ways to Save the Planet.  You will reread pages 16-19.  


    Today you will answer the three questions on the page, Grade 2, Lesson 5, part 2.  There is a typo on the first question.  It should read- If you are traveling in a community, how can you use less fuel?


    Discuss the vocabulary words with someone in your home.


    I have assigned you two optional  assignments on Freckle (class code med35s). 

    Please complete 15 minutes on Red Bird Reading.




    Please complete the page that says Lesson 5 in your Graphic organizer packet.  Use the text to answer the 3 questions.



    Read for 20 minutes and answer one of the questions provided on the sheet labeled Independent Reading questions in your Writing Journal.  Please provide the title of the book in your writing.  I am looking forward to finding out what you are reading and what you think about those books!