• Good Morning, Room 17!  Today is Wednesday, April 1st and it is E day, so we have health. 


    Today, we are starting our WIN (What I Need) Wednesdays.  The purpose of these days is to make sure that students are getting all the support they need for our lessons.  So this is a day where you can catch up on assignments and reach out to me if you needed any additional help with them. 


    WIN Wednesday

    • Complete any missed work
    • Choose ONE (or more) of the following:
    • Redbird- Math or LA/Writing
    • Fastt Math
    • Brain Pop- watch videos, take quizzes, play games

    (Brainpop.com, Username: lschneider17, Password: lschneider17)

    • Dance along to Gonoodle.com
    • Read on Epic
    • Explore in Ducksters.com. Read a biography and share a fact about the person with a family member
    • Make a meal for your family
    • Take a walk and search for signs of spring
    • Build something cool with blocks or legos or any other building set you have
    • Read a book out loud to someone
    • Play a board or card game
    • Put together a puzzle
    • Make a craft
    • Do one of the tips from our book, 68 Ways to Save the Planet before Bedtime
    • Do a chore to help your family
    • Clean your room
    • Send me a quick message or picture to tell me which option you chose!