• Student Registration

    Registration forms are now available online as downloadable PDF files! Registration forms are still available at the Central Registration Offices as well. If you download the forms, please print them out and complete all the information.

    Registration Process:

    You must complete all 4 steps below:

    1. Registration forms and requirements:

    Preschool and Kindergarten forms.

    Grades 1 through 4 forms.

    Grades 5 through 12 forms.

    2. Residency forms - Please choose one category and print the forms for residency:

    Section A: If you own or rent a home in Pemberton Township AND are the residential parent or legal guardian: Click here. (Section A)

    Section B: If you own or rent a home in Pemberton Township AND have the child/children of someone else living with you due to economic (financial) hardship: Click here (Section B)

    Section C: If you and your child/children are temporarily living with a resident (home owner or renter) in Pemberton: Click here.
    (Section C)

    3. Click here to pre-register your child/children online.

    4. Call 609-893-8141, ext. 1026 to schedule an appointment and bring ALL of your completed forms in-person to:

    Pemberton Township Schools Central Registration
    One Egbert Street, Pemberton, NJ 08068