Information Technology

  • students showing laptops For nearly 25 years, the Administration and Board of Education has placed a high priority on technology integration initiatives at Pemberton Township Schools.

    Each of our schools has both wired and wireless networks on which staff and students have access to safe Internet and curricular resources.  This year, three of our schools are continuing a one-to-one computer initiative with both Microsoft Windows and Apple tablets supporting a diverse curriculum fostering 21st century skills.  Our networks are currently being upgraded to support these endeavors with a fivefold increase in Internet bandwidth and new network technologies.  As has been the case since the creation of the federally funded e-rate program, the cost of all of these upgrades are being offset by 80% discounts on goods and services.  

    Here at Pemberton Township Schools, the learning experience is routinely augmented by mobile laptop labs, interactive Smart Board displays, interactive classroom response systems and a student to computer ratio of 2 to 1.  Our district prides itself in its technology rich learning environments in every classroom throughout the district.  

Contact Information

  • Director of Technology & Digital Learning
    Michael A. Procopio
    609-893-8141 Ext. 1071

    Technology Help Desk
    Holly Hensley
    609-893-8141 Ext. 1071