Confirmed Positive COVID-19 Cases

  • In an effort to communicate information regarding confirmed positive COVID-19 cases in Pemberton Township Schools, the following chart will be updated on a daily basis. 
    Please note, the chart includes positive cases of those who are working or attending school remotely, as well as those present in-person.

    Please review the information below the chart regarding communication for those individuals considered "Close Contacts."

Confirmed Positive Cases per School

  • Communication of Confirmed COVID-19 Individuals

    1. School administration will notify all students, staff, and parents if there is a confirmed COVID-19 case with a general letter. Recipients of this general notification require no action by any student or staff member.

    2. Individuals identified through contact tracing as being in “close contact” with a confirmed COVID-19 person will receive an additional notification. Recipients of this “close contact” letter must stay at home 14 days from the date of exposure, practice social distancing, and monitor for symptoms.

    “Close Contact” is a person who spent 15 minutes or more within a 24-hour period and was within 6 feet of a person who is infected with COVID-19. Exposure must happen while the infected person is infectious (2 days before onset to 10 days after).

    Close Contact Chart