New Denbo-Crichton School Opening 2020!

  • During the week of February 3rd, the district hosted community parent meetings to present the school realignment proposal regarding the opening of the new Denbo-Crichton School. If you were unable to attend one of the meetings, we encourage you to watch the video below before continuing to the Q&A section.

    View the Proposal for School Realignments Here

    In early February, administrators met with parents at all five schools impacted by the proposal: Harker-Wylie, Stackhouse, Fort Dix, Haines and Denbo. As discussed during the presentations, the district will be losing an additional $20 million over the next 5 years and must take significant steps to address the loss of funding. The current proposal regarding the realignment of schools will save approximately $1 million and was approved by the Board of Education on Thursday, February 20th.

    In response to parent feedback regarding the adjusted school start and end times, we will continue to investigate available options before presenting the final proposal on start and end times to the Board on Thursday, June 18th. We will share that final proposal on this webpage prior to the April 30th meeting.

    Below are questions posed during the parent meetings. As always, we thank you for your input and encourage your continued involvement as we proceed. If you have additional questions, please feel free to email Jeff Havers, Assistant Superintendent Pk-5, at


Q & A Regarding the New School, Realignments and Start and End Times