• As of October 19, 2017, the mold and moisture concerns at Helen Fort have been addressed. 
    Following is an update from the Supervisor of Facilities, as well as letters of inspection and remediation from AIR Consulting.

    From the Supervisor of Facilities, October 19, 2017:
    The recommendations from AIR Consulting regarding Helen Fort Middle School are as follows:

    • Make sure that the piping is wiped down at least once a week.
    • Clean the HVAC units in the tested rooms
    • Remove the effected sheet rock walls (completed by Servpro.)
    • Maintain temperatures from 74-79 degrees in the classrooms.

     Current project status:

    • Affected sheet rock installed.
    • Cleaned all HVAC units that were recommended.
    • Pipe insulation is being removed in the building not per recommendation, but to give staff peace of mind.

    During the school year we will work on replacing the pipe insulation in each room. (New insulation has been ordered for 4 rooms as a test sample.)

    No recommendations were made about the exhaust system, but in my opinion it will help with air exchange.

    Additional remediation of pipe insulation will occur in the girls locker room as well, but no recommendations for insulation removal was made at this time.

    My team and I will work diligently to ensure the Middle School continues to provide a safe environment for students and staff.

    John Swanson
    Supervisor of Facilities