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    Schedule for Hybrid/Remote


    Good Afternoon!! Below you will find the schedule for the upcoming year. I will trying to go by the class schedule but not necessarily the times that are posted on the hybrid schedule that I have attached. It will look more like the following:

    8:30-9:00 Morning Meeting (All students should be on HD meeting (Zoom)during the time)

    10:00-11:00 Virtual Math-I will be available this time for a live lesson, questions, and/or assistance

    11:00-12:20: Lunch and free time

    1:00-2:00: Virtual Reading/Writing-I will be available this time for live lesson, questions and/or assistance.

    2:00-2:45: Science-Depending on the lesson, this may be live or independent work.

    Specials: specials go according to which group you students are for hybrid (A-Green, B-Gold). Students only have 3 specials per the 6 day schedule. Please view the attached schedules to see which specials your child has the first half of the year. If you don't know which group your child is in, please reach out to me.

    I will explain more in detail on Tuesday.