• Helen Fort Middle School

    2020-2021 Yearbook

    Change of Plans 



    The HELEN A. FORT MIDDLE SCHOOL YEARBOOK (click here for link to order) will provide a unique look into this school year to guarantee your student's year is not forgotten.  Whether they are learning online, in-school, or hybrid, the yearbook will cover everyone.  Don't miss out on your chance to order this one-of-a-kind keepsake.  Reserve your student's copy today at yearbookforever.com.


    We emailed a link in December to take a photo for our portrait section.  It is not too late to do that.  Use the link SELFIE PORTRAIT (click for link to take selfie) to submit a photo for our portrait section.  We will contact individuals who need to retake their selfie portrait.  Send any questions to Mrs. Scollay or Ms. Mathis.



    The Helen A. Fort Middle School yearbook would love the input of all students, parents and staff.  We are looking for pictures of what school is to you this year: your home workspace, your classmates (or pets), projects you have created, your chat icon, etc.  We also need picutres of what your life is like in these unusual circumstances: what's your entertainment, your activities, how you are getting along socially through all of this.  What makes this different than any other time in your life?  We are looking for anything and everything, including your everyday life at home through the pandemic.  How did you celebrate this year?  This yearbook will cover everyone.  Please upload any photos from this school year to Community Upload (click for link to upload candid pictures) with the code HFMS.  THE CODE IS HFMS TO UPLOAD CANDID PHOTOS.  Again HFMS (all capitalized is the code.)  There is a more extensive list of what we are looking for at the bottom of this page.



    We have created a Yearbook Google Classroom for 7th grade and a Yearbook Google Classroom for 8th grade.  Most HFMS students are already in one of them, and everyone else received an invite.  There will be daily updates such as polls, questions, themed pictures, etc.  Make sure you check that Google Classroom a couple times each week between now and Spring Break in April.

    Questions?  Contact Mrs. Scollay at mscollay@pemb.org or Ms. Mathis at nmathis@pemb.org for more details.


    • Pictures from March 13, 2020 and March 16, 2020
    • Initial online learning from the end of last school year
    • Lifestyle changes - what were you doing during the end of last year differently, new activities, et.
    • Alternate end-of-the-year celebrations - virtual ceremonies, lawn signs, birthday drive-bys, etc.
    • Recreation changes - what have you done this summer for fun outdoors
    • Family life - what changes have you had in your family life since you have more time together and less time with others
    • Preparing for school - how did you get ready for school without coming into the building
    • First days of remote school in September - what did it look like, what supplies did you have or not need
    • Getting to know you - how did you get to know teachers and peers without being in person with them
    • Home workspace - where do you work remotely in your house
    • Bitmoji classroom - TEACHERS - please share with us
    • fall outdoor activities - how did you use outdoors as an escape for fun and exercise
    • benefits and challenges - what was easy being remote and what was hard - show us
    • Halloween celebrations - show us your costumes and socially-distanced events
    • class pets - so many to choose from, almost like another group of classmates
    • family celebrations - how did you celebrate the Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, etc. differently
    • winter break - what fun and excitement did you have
    • 2021 - a new year arrives - what hopes do you have for this year - what changes are you making
    • winter activities - how did you keep entertained when it was so cold outdoors
    • new stuff - what new hobbies, skills, talents, etc. have you tried or perfected
    • daily struggles - what continues to make life harder, what obstacles are keeping you from thriving
    • GoGuardian meetings - different than Google Meets - what helps, what doesn't, what's a typical class meeting like for you
    • schedule changes - for those of you who have been assigned new teachers, send a pic of a new class, your new schedule, etc.
    • snow days vs. remote days - outdoor snow fun, indoor escape from the cold, ideas about snow days vs. remote learning in bad weather
    • March 2021 - back to building school for hybrid students
    • hybrid life - photos of home days and school days
    • spring break plans - where are you going, what are you doing
    • what do you think will come the rest of the school year