• Physical Form

    All athletes must complete in order to particiapte in a sport.  This includes intramural and interscholastic sports.  A parent/guardian must complete page 1 and a signature is required. The family doctor must complete the rest of the packet.  Please return the packet to your School Nurse to be approved by the School Doctor, which could take up to a week.  Once the School Doctor approves your physical, then you are cleared to particiapte in a sport.


    Health History Update                                   

    Parent must complete and sign prior to every season (Fall, Winter, Spring) and return to School Nurse.  


    HFMS Athletic Code of Conduct

    All athletes and a parent/guardian must sign.  Please return to your Coach.


    Concussion and Head Injury Facts 

    Athletes Cardiac Acknowledgement 

    Opioid Fact Sheet and Signatures Revised     

    All athletes and a parent/guardian must sign the 3 above forms.  Please return to your Coach. 


    Sports Related Eye Injury Fact Sheet

    Extra information for parents to read.