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    Welcome to Stackhouse!  My name is Heather Verner-Hussmann, BA, RN, CSN and I am your school nurse.  I am starting my 21st year here in Pemberton Township.  Helen Fort Middle School was my home for 15 years and then I moved here to Stackhouse.  My background is in Med Surg/Trauma and I also worked for the NJ Juvenile Justice Commission prior to coming to Pemberton.  I have an AA degree in Liberal Arts from Burlington County College, a BA degree in Psychology from Temple University, an AAS degree in Nursing from Burlington County College and a Certified School Nurse Certificate from Rowan University.  I have 2 children, a boy and a girl that both go to Pemberton Schools.  My likes - the beach, binge watching movies on Netflix, all animals, fishing, antiquing, spending time with friends.  I love being a school nurse too and working with the families in Pemberton to keep the students healthy and ready to learn!  

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