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    Welcome to the Nurses Corner!

    School Health Services are provided by the school nurse for the purpose of:
    • care of emergency sickness or injury at school
    • communicable disease prevention and control
    • determination of health needs
    • follow-up and interpretation of health needs to students and parents

    Parent cooperation is requested in the following situations:

    1. A doctor's note is needed when your child returns to school from an absence due to illness or injury. A gym note should also be obtained from the doctor if your child is unable to participate in physical education class because of the illness or injury.  Another doctor's note is required to clear your child to safely return to gym class, recess, or afterschool physical activity.
    2. Students returning requiring Medical Equipment, such as crutches, wheelchair, cane, etc, must have a doctor's order for the equipment.  They will not be able to participate in any physical activity unless cleared by the doctor.
    3. If your child is absent due to illness or injury, please call the School Nurse to inform us of the problem.
    4. Changes in your child's medical condition, any medication changes, or any recent medical procedure should be brought to the attention of your child's school nurse.  Your child's school nurse will coordinate care with your child's teacher as needed.  The school nurse should aslo be informed of medications your child takes at home.
    5. Your child shoud be kept at home and the nurse should be contacted if he/she has contracted any communicable diseases: ie measles, mumps, strep throat, ringworm, chicken pox, pink eye, etc.  A doctor's note to return to school will be required.  Ringworm must be covered while at school.
    6. If your child becomes ill or injured while in school, you will be called to make arrangements for him or her to be picked up.

    Health Regulations in General

    1. Keep up-to-date home, work, and emergency telephone numbers filed in the Nurse's and main office.  You, as the parent(s)/guardian(s) have the responsibility to keep these numbers current.  The school has no place to care for your child for an extended length of time.  We must have the name and telephone number of a friend, relative, neighbor, or baby sitter who would be able to care for your child until you return home. Please remember, you are responsible for your child's welfare 24 hours a day.
    2. A child who has diarrhea or vomiting cannot be sent to school.  A child who has been sent home due to diarrhea or vomiting shoold remain home the rest of that day and the follwoing day or longer until symptom free.
    3. A child who has a fever cannot be sent to school.  A child sent home from school with a fever (100 degrees Fahrenheit or above) should not return to school until the temperature has been normal (less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit) for 24 hours without medication.
    4. Any child with a rash should not be sent to school until it has been determined not to be contagious by a health care provider in writing.  A doctors note is required to return to school.
    5. Students who have a doctors note stating they cannot participate in gym also cannot participate in recess or after school sports for the time frame specified on the doctors note.
    6. Head Lice (pediculosis) is a condition which can affect children of all ages.  Head lice occurs without regard to income or social economic position.  In school transmission is considered to be rare and no disease is associated with head lice.  Our district has a no live lice policy and students with live lice will be sent home for treatment.  Students must be brought to the school by a parent/guardian to be examined by the school nurse before re-admission to school to ensure that lice treatment has taken place and that no live lice are present.  If at the return examination your child still has live head lice, you will be required to take your child home for further treatment.  Students with nits (eggs) only are not excluded from school.  At the discretion of the school nurse, it may be appropriate to screen other children who have had close head to head contact with the student who has active head lice, buth classroom-wide or school wide screening is not merited.  Maintaining the student's privacy, family confidentiality, and preventing stigmatization are vital.  Therefore, letters will not be sent home if a case of head lice is discovered.  The school nurse retains the authority to, in consultation with school administrators(s), exclude a student with a current case of head lice for which there is inadequate management by the parent/guardian.  The student may be referred to his/her health care provider and /or the Burlington County Heath Department for additional intervention.  This policy is endorsed by national organizations such as the American Academy of Pediatrics, American Public Health Association, and the National Association of School Nurses. 

     Immunizations for school entry are required by law. (N.J.A.C. 8:57-4) If you receive a Health Record Update from the Nurse, please submit documentation that the immunizations were given OR make an appointment without delay to have the immunizations given.  Submit documentation directly to the Nurses Office.

    Students are also required to have a recent physical on file upon school entry.

    Current News:

    Give Kids a Smile NJ is Friday February 1st.  The day is designed to offer dental care to children who otherwise fo not see a dentist.
    Parents can participate by calling the location of their choice to set up an appointment
    Burlington County:
    Armstrong Pediatric Dental LLC, Moorestown 856-235-0415
    The Smile Center, Mt. Holly 609-267-2396
    Rowan College at Burlington County, Mt. Laurel 856-291-4215

    Looking for food pantries or meals?  https://www.foodfinder.us/   

     Screening Health Services

    *If a concern arises as a result of a Health Screening,  the school nurse will send home a Health Screening Referral so that you can follow up with your child's doctor.

    Screenings shall be completed by the school nurse according NJ State requirements N.J.A.C. 6A:16- 2.2(k).

    1. Screening for height, weight and blood pressure shall be conducted annually for each student in preschool through grade 12.
    2. Screening for visual acuity shall be conducted annually for each student in preschool and biennially for students in kindergarten through grade 10.
    3. Screening for auditory acuity shall be conducted annually for students in preschool through grade three and in grade seven and 11 pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A: 40-4 .
    4. Screening for dental shall be conducted annually for each student in preschool.
    5. Screening for scoliosis shall be conducted biennially for students between the ages of 10 and 18 pursuant to N.J.S.A. 18A:40-4.3.
    6. Screenings shall be conducted by a school physician, school nurse, physical education instructor or other school personnel properly trained.
    7. The school district shall provide for the notification of the parent of any student suspected of deviation from the recommended standard.

    Local Health Resources:

    Buttonwood/Aspen Medical and Dental Care  609-894-1100

    Advocare Pediatrics of Burlington County (Lumberton) : 609-261-4058

    Oral Health Services, Rowan College at Burlington County (856) 291 4215:  Preventative dental healthcare  for $5.00 per visit

    Hamilton Dental 609-689-1212: Preventative and Restorative dental care.  Accepts several Medicaid/NJ Kids Care insurances.  

    Browns Mills Dental: 609-531-0777


    Important Medical Forms & Information:  (see left side bar) To download a form click on the form's name.  All forms must be renewed annually


    • Please contact the school nurse regarding any Diabetes forms.  There is a Diabetes packet available, OR, we can accept the forms provided by your childs physician provided that they contain all the information required by the school distritct.


    Please contact your child's school nurse if needed for detailed explanation of all medical forms and school health services and regulations. 

    Mrs. Valerie Chapman, MSN, RN, CSN
    Isaiah Haines Lower Elementary School Nurse

    (609) 893-8141 x 1173