• Welcome to Samuel T. Busansky Upper Elementary's Counseling Webpage! 

    Hello Busansky Parents & Scholars!

    It is my goal, as Busansky's School Counselor, to help you and your child have a happy and successful school experience!

    Through our Counseling Program, our students will grow socially and emotionally through classroom guidance lessons, small group counseling, individualized counseling, and much more! Students are more than welcome to come see me on their own or may be referred to see me by a parent, teacher, or administrator. 

     To learn more about me and to find outside community resources, visit: CLICK HERE

     Joshua Besserman, MA, NCC

    609-893-8141, ext. 1964



      "Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try."  -Gail Devers

    How can YOU make this school year GREAT?

    Start by showing the 5 Core Values of CharacterRespect, Responsibility, Integrity, Perseverance, & Service

    Respect: using good manners, consider the feelings of others, sharing and being appreciative, dealing with anger appropriately

    Responsibility: being accountable, learning from mistakes, dealing with disappointments, accepting consequences

    Integrity: thinking of yourself, appreciating yourself, doing your very best, working well with others, being the best you can be, standing up for who you are

    Perseverance: having patience, having a positive attitude, getting the task/chore done

    Service: helping others without expecting anything in return, being a good friend, following rules