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    Greetings from Samuel T. Busansky School,

    Busansky Elementary School-a great place to grow and learn! I am honored to serve as the principal and pledge to uphold Pemberton’s pursuit of excellence, one child at a time. It was with high expectations and the belief in “what’s best for students” that I came to Busansky. Getting to know every student, building staff relationships, supporting families, and most importantly, working together with the Busansky community to purposefully focus our efforts on the goals set for every school year.

    The continued success of our school is dependent on three important components: students, staff, and families. All are intertwined to learn, challenge, and celebrate the everyday experiences offered by a dynamic Pemberton education. We will follow the journey of education, supported by the knowledge that, as a team, nothing is impossible. Therefore, my commitment to you as a collaborative leader is to build relationships with students, staff, and families and to establish a culture of care and respect focused on “what’s best for students.” I believe in the power of collaborative work, knowing that high expectations are goals for us all.

    As the principal of Samuel T. Busansky Elementary School, I am responsible to my students, staff, families, and the collective community of Pemberton. It is my sincere hope that steeped in pursuing excellence, Busansky students, staff, and families will be actively involved in creating a school environment that is committed to the highest standards of learning and living their daily lives. I am truly excited about the adventure that lies ahead and know that your support will sustain our best efforts.

    It is my pleasure to work with the Busansky Community! I look forward to seeing everyone in the community and sharing a wonderful year of learning with you. 


    Keith Swaney, Principal

    893-8141, ext. 1300


    Carlene Mehl, Secretary

    609-893-8141, ext. 1300