A Healthy Childhood Depends On Play

Posted by Donovan Gardner on 5/2/2019

A healthy childhood depends on play. Play is not a break from other daily learning activities; play is active learning at its peak. It is through play that kids construct knowledge of their physical, social, and emotional world.

But, increasingly, children’s invaluable “play time” is spent mindlessly swiping or passively staring at a screen. Time spent in this morphed concept of “play” is displacing time spent in active play.

Screen-Free Week, this year celebrated from April 29 – May 5, challenges participants to unplug and “rediscover the joys of life away from screens”. An hour once dedicated to TV can become an hour of creative play, reading, or enjoying nature. Screen-Free Week gives families an opportunity to explore other options, try out new activities, and reconsider their future media use.

Please read the following article to learn more about the importance of screen-free time.
You may find it helpful as warmer weather approaches and there are more opportunities for outdoor play.

Click Here: Screen-Free Week