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Free Meal Distribution


 FREE MEAL PROGRAM CONTINUES - Meals available for 7 days of the week!


Students attending in-person learning are eligible for free breakfast and free lunch daily.  For in-person students, parents may pick up breakfast and lunch for Saturday and Sunday at the times/site listed below. Parents will be able to pick up meals for students who are participating in remote instruction for seven days at the times/site listed below.

IMPORTANT: Every student is still eligible for 7 days of free meals per week. However, the number of eligible pickup days varies based on whether your child attends fully remote, hybrid or five days a week. Click here to see how many days you are allowed to pick up meals for your child. 

- Meals will be available for seven days and hot meals will be available ONLY on the day of pickup. 

- All children 18 and under are eligible for free breakfast and lunch.  

FREE meals can be picked up at the following site:

  • Harker-Wylie: 9:00 am – 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm

- This site is open Monday through Friday. 

- Masks ARE required during pick-up to ensure the safety of our dedicated staff.

- If you cannot get to a site for meal pickup, please contact the Food Services Department to arrange for meals to be dropped off. If you'd like to make arrangements or have any questions, please call the Food Services Department at (609) 893-5788.