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Traffic Pattern 2019-2020



Morning Drop-off (9:00 – 9:10 AM)    &   Afternoon Pick-up  (3:45 PM)

  • When dropping off in the morning, please drop off on the curbside (green area). Students will enter the gym at the yellow star. (Please note: only students on busses enter the front doors from 9:00-9:10 AM)
  • Please follow the arrows (diagram above) around the parking lot and out the back onto Rancocas Lane (Right Turn Only).  Please continue on Rancocas Lane and make a right onto Berkley Road. Follow back out to Junction Road.
  • We will be out there to remind you and hope these new procedures help with the traffic flow and safety.


  • Please be reminded there is one lane entering Denbo, from Junction Road, until you get to the speed bumps.  Construction vehicles will be exiting to Junction Road in the other laneAll visitors must exit to Rancocas Lane as stated above.



  • Thank you for your support!