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Mrs. Andrea Ballina

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My name is Mrs. Ballina.  I have a BA degree in Information Technology and Elementary Education and I have been teaching since 2004 and teaching in Pemberton since 2017.  My experience includes teaching computer skills and STEM to K-8 students.  In Pemberton, I am teaching at Emmons and Denbo-Crighton Schools.  In grades K-2, some skills that students will learn include:

  • Becoming comfortable using various gestures to interact with an iPad
  • Ways to be safe on the Internet and be a digital citizen
  • Logging in and using apps for learning
  • Navigating websites and the Internet
  • Typing using the onscreen keyboard
  • How to use Google Drive, including creating a document and presentation
  • How to use Google Classroom
  • Searching for information on the Internet
  • Introduction to computer science
  • Engage in STEM based projects, including design challenges and building challenges
  • Learn and apply the 4 C's of STEM - critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication


I have bookmarked my favorite websites to use with my classes and the students are familiar with accessing them.  

Here is the link to my internet links page:

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