• AR (Accelerated Reader)

    username: student 6 digit ID

    password: student initials


    Epic Reading:

    Class Code: LEZ2957

    students should be able to select their name- then they are in!

    Reflex Math: 

    teacher username: jSMP07

    select Room P7 2020-21

    select student name

    password: Student 6 digit ID number


    Pearson Realize: (be sure to click on Pearson Easy Bridge underneath the login in and type in our district Pemberton Township Sch)

    username: Student 6 digit ID number

    password: 6 digit ID number


    Google Classroom:

    username: student 6 digit Id number@pemb.org

    password: MMDDYYYY (Student birthday)


    My Math/Redbird:

    Username: student 6 digit ID number @pemb.org

    password: Password1