• Overall Information


    Please check this link for several helpful documents K-5 Teleschooling Docs and Info for Families

    A tote bag was sent home with students on Friday with all of the materials they need for the next couple of weeks. A link to all of the letters sent home in regards to technology use, basic information can be found here. We have lesson plans in place for several days. The areas of focus are READINGWRITINGMATH, and SPECIALS. No online tests or assessments will be given during this duration.

    I am utilizing this website, Google Classroom, and class dojo

    Keeping Attendance!! Everyone has a different work schedule and I am mindful of that. As teachers, we are required to have contact with you during the day. This contact goes towards their attendance where teachers keep a daily log. Your communication with me must be regarding the work to count as attendance! Just checking in, or stating present is not evidence of work.  Ask me questions, let me know your child completed the work without any problems, tell me if the math video helped with understanding, etc.  In addition, your child's participation in Google Classroom or in Zoom meetings will count for attendance, but their comments must connect to the Math, Reading, or Writing assignments. Morning meeting responses alone cannot give me evidence that they are actively working on the daily assignments. My email address if you want to contact me is jsoto@pemb.org  My laptop and Ipad will be ON throughout the duration of the school day along with my cell phone if you need to Dojo message me. If you work late and cannot text me on Dojo until after the hours listed in the packet, I UNDERSTAND and will still mark your child as present if you get back to me at those times. As long as you get back to me at a reasonable time that day, your child is marked as present).



    1) What does the school day look like? 

    Denbo hours are 9:00-3:45 (Again refer to the Teleschooling Letter linked on the page for how much time allotted for each subject)

    9:00-12:00 is the first block of time. I plan to use it for Morning Meeting, Math instruction, and Related Arts (Specials teachers will be submitting assignments in Class Dojo)

    12:00-1:20 is lunch or break time

    1:20-3:45 is the second block of time. This can be used for Reading and Writing.

    Depending on your situation you can work whenever or flip the order of subjects. Just as long as the assignments are completed for the day.


    2) I am not understanding the Math. How can I best help my child?

    I will post the online tutor link to Google Classroom each day to support math instruction, as well as any other videos that might relate to the topic of the day. Khan academy is another great resource to help with 5th-grade math concepts, you can select 5th-grade math and scroll through topics until you find what we are working on. I can also post a video on Dojo Stories on how to do the problems and message you. You can also have your child log into the McGraw Hill website for additional resources on each lesson (just click on my My Math / Redbird sidebar link). I also have access to my answer keys so just Dojo message me and I can help. You can also email me.


    3) What happens if I work late and am not able to help my child during those blocks of time but only when I return home?

    That is perfectly fine. You can just Dojo message me later in the day with any questions, or to let me know they completed the work, or send pictures of completed assignments and I can adjust your child's attendance accordingly. You can also complete the assignments later in the day as well.


    4) I am feeling overwhelmed!

    Do not worry!! We are all in this together!! Consider us lucky in terms of being prepared concerning lessons and at-home learning. My goal is not to bombard everyone with messages throughout the day. It is simply to check in and see if your student worked to the best of their ability with the resources we have. I am on your side and here to help. As a reward, they can visit my fun links page when they are done their assignments for the day. 


    5) What about Science and Social Studies?

    Students did not have to bring their Science books home. The requirements set out are for Reading, Writing, Math, Specials, and Social Studies (which ties into the reading)


    6) Are you grading their work? Are they taking online tests?

    Since the students have packets they are working on, they will be collected once they return to school. While we are out, they will be graded on work completion; your communication and their participation will count as their grade towards completion.  Please be sure to communicate with me DAILY to ensure that your child is getting credit for attendance and work completion. For the 4th marking period, I plan to transition more work into Google Classroom to better prepare students for 6th-grade expectations. 

    7) Will there be an extension to the marking period? How about state testing?

    The third marking period will end on April 9th.  State testing for this year has been cancelled. 


    8) Can my child access AR from home?

    Yes! They can!  The information regarding this was sent out in class dojo and is posted in Google Classroom!  I expect students to take at least one AR quiz per month, the more the better!  Encourage your child to read, read, read!  Maybe even join them in reading the same book, and discuss what they are reading daily! Reading is a great way to explore different worlds while we are stuck at home. 

     9) My child forgot their login information for Reflex, Pearson,  Google Classroom, My Math, etc. How do they log in? (Each of the underlined blue subjects is a hyperlink to the site)

    AR (Accelerated Reader)

    username: student 6 digit ID

    password: student initials


    Epic Reading:

    Class Code: LEZ2957

    students should be able to select their name- then they are in!

    Reflex Math: 

    teacher username: jsoto11

    select Room 11

    select student name

    password: Student 6 digit ID number


    Pearson Realize: (be sure to click on Pearson Easy Bridge underneath the login in and type in our district Pemberton Township Sch)

    username: Student 6 digit ID number

    password: 6 digit ID number


    Google Classroom:

    username: student 6 digit Id number@pemb.org

    password: MMDDYYYY (Student birthday)


    My Math/Redbird:

    Username: student 6 digit ID number @pemb.org

    password: Password1

     10) Can my child call you for help? 

     Teachers cannot have one on one contact with students unless a parent/guardian is present.  If you would like to contact me, and then place the call on speakerphone so your child can directly communicate their questions or concerns to me, that is fine, but students should not be contacting me without an adult present. Students can contact me through my district email, or ask questions in Google Classroom under the assignments.