• Course Description:

    HONORS English II focuses on depth of understanding rather than breadth of content coverage by providing students with multiple opportunities to practice and demonstrate what they learn in a variety of contexts.

    Applying SOAPStone to all texts read, this course also includes structured learning activities that, in a real or simulated fashion, allow students to experience problem solving and inquiry in situations that are drawn from their personal experiences and real-world applications.

    The use of Socratic seminar or philosophical chairs is implemented in the course to have student-led discussions/debates focusing on the unit topic.  Also, the use of texts and personal experiences to form debate/reasoning are key methods that center this course. Our focus will emphasize students’ abilities to make meaningful applications and generalization to new problems and contexts.

    Also, the Honors curriculum emphasizes interdisciplinary connections and integration and helps students connect learning in school with the issues, problems, and experiences that figure prominently in their lives outside of the classroom.

    Required Materials:

    • Folder/Notebook
    • Writing Utensils ***Highlighter***
    • School-Issued Tablet for Research


    Students will earn their grade based on the grading scale below.  Tablets present will be classified under “Preparedness”, and the daily G.R.O.W. Now! Activity will be under the “Classwork” category:

    • Tests/Projects/Research Paper/Essays – 30%; 
    • Quizzes – 20%; 
    • Notebook/Classwork/Homework – 40%; 
    • Class Participation/Preparedness – 10%