• Under the new state funding formula known as S2, Pemberton Township Schools is facing great financial challenges in the years ahead.

  • Our mission is to provide our students with a thorough and efficient education to meet the New Jersey Student Learning Standards - Pursuing Excellence, One Child at a Time. However, the new funding formula calls for a reduction in our state aid of nearly $26 million over the course of 7 years. Combined with other factors such as our loss of adjustment aid and our inability to raise more money through taxes, both the quality of education as well as the emotional and diverse student support we provide will be severely negatively impacted.

    We greatly oppose the S2 funding formula as it applies to Pemberton Township Schools, and are challenging it on both a legal and grassroots level. As a former Abbott district, we have legal precedents to turn to, and our efforts in soliciting the aid of government officials on both the state and local levels is ongoing.

    Below you will find more information regarding both the potential impact this loss of funding will have on our staff and students, as well as our continual efforts to reinstate the fair and equitable funding we deserve. Please know we will pursue every avenue available to continue fighting for our students, community and staff as we strive to maintain the quality education every Pemberton child deserves.

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