• FASTT MATH FASTT MATH should be logged on daily by students as they should complete 3 lessons a week in class with complete focus and no interruptions. New students will start with Addition Facts 0-9.  The rest of the students start where they left off at the end of 4th grade and move on as they clear their boards. As a teacher I take FASTT Math very seriously. Room 16 has dominated for the past 2 years on the leaderboard with 1st or 2nd place each month. I'd like to continue that tradition for the 2019-2020 school year.

    Here is the link for FASTT Math. Students can practice with some of the STRETCH activities.

     FASTT Math starts off with addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division 0-9 facts then 0-12.

    Here is a list of Rm 16 students and where they fall on FASTT Math...

     Addition 0-9

     Vivian B., Aliyah F., Lily L., Mya M., Caley M.

    Subtraction 0-9

    Samuel G., Thomas M., Morgan W.

    Multiplication 0-9


    Division 0-9


    Addition 0-12


    Subtraction 0-12

    Emily C., Amanda L., Noah T.

     Multiplication 0-12

    Christian S., Josh O.

    Division 0-12

    Dallas F.


    Finished FASTT Math

    Jocelyn C.