English I is a student-to-technology centered course that is structured to actively engage students around the skills of critical thinking and technology competency while reading, comprehending, analyzing and interpreting classic novels, plays, short stories, and various literary selections from various time periods.  Our curriculum has been heightened to be more skill-based, making the effort to holistically equip learners to excel as critical thinkers, skillful readers, and writers of texts that expand across a gamut of disciplines or areas of learning.  Our curriculum coincides with the Common Core State Standards (including Reading Standards for Literature, Reading Standards for Informational Texts, Writing Standards, Speaking and Listening Standards, and Language Standards).  

    Students that enter my classroom will encounter an environment that is conducive for learning (thus is bully-free, safe for self exploration and discovery, and one that encourages freedom of opinions, especially if ideas can be adequately rooted in textual evidence found within any material being studied).  In this course, students will be exposed to a variety of challenges to develop their skills and reach their highest potentials.



    1. To read developmentally appropriate materials at an independent level with accuracy and speed
    2. To use appropriate rhythm, slow, meter, and pronunciation when reading
    3. To read a variety of genres with fluency and comprehension
    4. To use knowledge of word origins and word relationships, as well as historical and literary context clues, to determine the meaning of specialized vocabulary
    5. To analyze how works of a given period reflect historical and social conditions
    6. To interpret how literary devices affect reading emotions and understanding
    7. To analyze how an author’s use of words creates tone and mood and how choice of words advances the theme or purpose of the work
    8. To demonstrate command of a variety of writing genres, such as:
      1. Persuasive essay
      2. Expository essay
      3. Personal narrative
      4. Research paper
      5. Literary essay
      6. Descriptive essay
      7. Response to literature
      8. Creative writing: poetry and/or short story
    9. And a list of other goals to meet the Common Core State Standards